Public contracts : Sogea Satom Recruits 800 Workers

For three years, they will work on the Lena-Tibati, and Olama-Binganbo roads that will kick off soon

One of the major old hands in construction and civil works in Africa and Cameroon in particular, has made it clear that Cameroonians have what it takes to deserve even the office of senior staff in their establishment. Sogea Satom, one of VINCI Group’s branches that has worked in Cameroon for about 60 years decided to go closer to job seekers through an employment forum they organised in Douala and Yaounde in search of talents. During the recruitment forum that took place in Douala and Yaounde on January 19-20 and 22-23 respectively, some 800 young and talented Cameroonians were selected to work on a three-year road construction project after which they will be retained should they have other projects in Cameroon and other countries in Africa. 

According to the General Manager of Sogea Satom Cameroon, Gilles Duchatel, they have two big road construction projects in Cameroon and there is need for about 800 workers including 40 senior staff and 90 heads of construction sites. They will also hire work supervisors, laboratory technicians, topographers, and 70 support staff among others. “We shall work on the Lena-Tibati and the Olama-Binganbo roads in the Adamaoua and South Regions respectively for about three years. Cameroonians are well educated and have the potential and it is the more reason why we have been working with them for about 60 years now. Some of the workers will be sent to some of our construction sites in Central Africa Republic while some might be sent to different African countries,” he disclosed. 

The forum in search of talents is also to make them experts on their various fields. Going by Sogea Satom’s latest magazine publication, the company’s performance rests on the enthusiasm, creativity and diversity of its workers. Thus, they encourage the integration of new recruits through tutoring and qualification pathways in order to facilitate the transfer of expertise. Sogea Satom has been operating in Africa for 90 years and present in 28 African countries with some 12,000 workers and over 100 worksites in progress.

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    Dommegabg patric
    23d ago

    Bonsoir franchement j'apprécie votre entreprise et j'aimerais exerce dans cette entreprise afin de l'être la théorie en pratique. Étudiant niveau 2 dans une université de la place si à Yaoundé. Merci de votre réponse

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    3months ago

    Hi sir am from Cameroon and I am a wheel loader operator I wish to work with you

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    Fon mackbrown
    5months ago

    I will to work in your company

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    20months ago

    Hello sirnDoes it means those selected are working already?

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