Agence ARCH : Offering Digital Human Resource Solutions To Companies

Since recruiting the right person at the right place is a problem, enterprises have to integrate soc

It is common to hear of inefficiency in enterprises’ milieu due to loose recruitment. Most people are not recruited to do what they were trained for and since it is not easy to get a job, job seekers are ready to do whatever job that comes their way which at times incurs losses for the enterprise. A digital agency with marketing counselling on human resource, headed by a young Cameroonian, Marco Mbilla, has come up with lasting solutions to companies. He disclosed that with the evolution of digital marketing, companies have to toe the line. To him, most companies have little or no information on their websites that can go a long way to orientate job seekers on the life of the company, the profile of job seekers and what is expected of them. Instead, they place their products and services to attract end-users. Getting the requirement and criterial for recruitment for a particular position and promotion modalities, the job seeker knows exactly what is expected of him before taking a try. For example a company in need of an industrial welder will not be sent an application of a plumber, an electrician or a simple welder because the candidate knows exactly what is needed. Agence Arch, the digital agency on human resource counselling, builds the websites of interested companies making it easier for both company and job seekers to situate themselves. 

Gone are the days when job seekers go to companies in search of jobs, today, companies go to job seekers and chose the talented ones that will impact the company positively. Since the strategy of Agence Arch is not just fortifying the websites of companies, they also organise forums where companies meet job seekers. During such forums like the employment forum, the company has the opportunity to study the profile of job seekers and have a one-on-one chat with them in order to hire the right person. To Marco Mbilla, those hired through such strategy put in their best and work for the success of the company since they know and enjoy doing their job. To engage in a human resource counselling with Agence Arch, a company pays between FCFA 5 and FCFA 10 million a year depending on its needs. 


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