Douala Stock Exchange

Dwindling Shares, Poor Obligations

Douala Stock Exchange witnessed a slowdown in tran-
sactions from April 17 to 21, 2017 with the sale of just four

shares while no obligation was transacted. The three

registered companies of the Douala stock exchange;

SEMC, SAFACAM and SOCAPALM offered thousands

of shares but just four shares belonging to SOCAPALM

were exchanged for a value of FCFA 88,000. According

to bulletin N°908 of the DSX on April 17, SEMC offered

1,143 shares for transaction but none was either de-
manded or bought. SAFACAM offered 679 shares none

transacted despite the demand of 69 shares. Though

SOCAPALM’s four shares offered were exchanged,

despite the mighty 1,133 demanded. Same day, some

379,500 obligations were offered but none was neither

demanded nor transacted.

On Wednesday April 17, 2017 no transaction took place.

No shares or obligations were bought from the time

the market opened at 9 am till when it closed at 11 am.

According to bulletin number 909 of the DSX, no shares

were demanded from SEMC and SAFACAM while 64

shares were asked from SOCAPALM. Also no shares

were offered by SEMC and SOCAPALM, 497 were offe-
red by SAFACAM and in all, nothing was bought. The six

actors in the obligation sector carried out no transaction

the same day though ECMR.04-16/21 offered 379,500


Friday April 21 market was like that of the previous day

where no transactions were carried out. Nether shares

nor obligations were exchanged. The only difference

is that no obligations were demanded and none were

offered. No shares were asked from SEMC and SAFA-
CAM while 1,129 SOCAPALM shares were demanded.

On the offer column, 983 and 500 SEMC and SAFACAM

shares respectively were supplied while only three SO-
CAPALM’s shares were offered. Despite all the offers, no

transaction took place.

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