UNVDA Ndop : Huge Potentials To Enhance Rice Production

On-the-spot at the Ndop head office of the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA), prepared

From the look of things; the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority, (UNVDA) features huge potentials to step up the production of rice in the Ndop plain which covers parts of Ngoketunjia, Bui, Mezam and Noun Divisions. The 2018 action plan of the agro industry features the commitment to develop more 7000 hectares of rice fields, away from 3,400 which have so far, been developed from the available 15,000 hectares begging for development. At the helm of the agro industry is a new General  Manager, Eric Andangfung who has stated preparedness to turn full circle to increase production. In effect, the future of rice production with UNVDA facilitation appears brighter, with the acquisition of Civil Engineering and Agricultural equipment like trucks, grader and an excavator for the development of more farms.

The Director of Land Development and Construction at UNVDA, Francis Fonayi  Waindim recently told  our reporter that the business ability of management was quick to help the agro industry receive FCFA 889.689.436 from the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development (MINEPAT) for  the rehabilitation of UNVDA’s equipment pool in 2017. The Director said the development of more rice fields in 2018 is a priority in the neighborhood of strategic farms in Babungo. Quality and clarity are the passwords introduced by management to ensure that more rice is produced to serve domestic consumption.       

A major plus is the government’s commitment to stand by the agro industry to boost production. Perhaps, it is important to remember that an inter-ministerial team recently retired from the UNVDA rice farms where they went encouraging farmers and expressed satisfaction with huge potentials in the area to help Cameroon take production to 1.2 million tons annually. It was the UNVDA Director of Agricultural production, Nenghabi Joseph Yonghabi  who told our reporter that the agro industry fetched some 18,000 tons of paddy from 20.000 targeted in 2017, cultivated  on some 3400 hectares, working with 14.132 farmers. It is on virtually every lip in the Upper Nun Valley area that production will leap if the required funding is available.

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