Bahut : Roads To Rehabilitate

The council recently acquired a caterpillar and truck whose loan will be paid in 2018.

The Bafut Council in Mezam Division of the North West Region is bent on rehabilitating roads as well as opening new roads reason why the council recently acquired a caterpillar front end loader and a Mercedes truck. With this, the council will have to only fuel the engines to do some of the road projects within the municipality. For 2018, the council is poised to recruit teachers to teach in some schools within the municipality, recruit nurses to assist in the district hospital which is noted for shortage of staff.  The Bafut Palace has one of the best Museums in the region and the people holds their culture at high esteem reasons why the council will continue to promote different cultural activities. To realise their 2018 ambitions, the councillors voted FCFA 539.035480 as budget for 2018. During the session the newly acquired road infrastructure equipment were presented. According to the Mayor of the Bafut Council, Langsi Abel Ngwasoh, they are currently working to raise more funds to acquire a compactor.  He said the FCFA 539 million budget has witnessed a drop as compared to the 2017 because they want to be more realistic in 2018. He said the present socio-political climate made things difficult for the council but he hoped that things will get to normal in 2018. In his words «we will still have to tighten our belts for 2018 given that we have huge amounts to refund for our road equipment and to carry out some projects». He was happy that «the rehabilitation of roads will mostly require the purchase of fuel since the machines are available.»  He also revealed that in partnership with the PNDP, the council has constructed more than 20 closed-up sheds in the Bafut market. This will go a long way to promote economic activity within the municipality. It is worth mentioning that the rate of ‘concubinage’ popularly known as «come we stay» is common within the municipality, consequently the council has taken upon itself to organise joint marriages in order to encourage couples to legalize their unions. During the council session, councillors also agreed to construct a hall and a fence for the council yard, sponsor the 50th anniversary of the Fon, recruitment of students for holiday jobs, provide didactic materials for schools within the municipality, construction of a bore hole for the Obang community, amongst others. 

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