Douala V Adopts 2.79 bn Budget

The 2018 budget is devoted to social housing, creation of start-ups and mineral water mining besides

The Douala V council meeting in its ordinary budgetary session on December 22, adopted a budget of FCAF 2.798.000.000 for the 2018 financial year. Though the budget witnessed a drop of some 862 million as compared to last year, the council remains ambitious earmarking innovative projects such as the construction of social houses with pre-manufactured plates from Milan-Italy in collaboration with an Italian company. The council also intends to reinforce the public lighting system using the photovoltaic technology as well as create an Italian house in Doula V where Italian products will be on display. 

According to the mayor of Douala V, Gustave Ebanda, some 30 youths from the municipality will be retained to create six start-up companies with financial support from the council. In order to increase the revenue, the council intends to set up a water mining and bottling project with the support of a company known as International Service Sarl. The council equally aims to buy medical vehicles equipped with dental treatment material in order to take care of the oral health of the populace. The council is also envisaging signing a partnership agreement with the Entrepreneurship for Impact Foundation of the Catholic University in Milan, in view of promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship within the municipality.

These outstanding projects will come to add to the traditional investment projects of the council such as building of classrooms, Bonangang, Lendi and Makepe or the construction and equipment of a maternity in Bonamoussadi. The maintenance and opening of new roads within the municipality will be continued as well as the construction of stalls in markets, basketball stadiums in the quarters will also be carried out.

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