Bamenda City Council : FCFA 3.8 Billion To Pursue Development

44 per cent of the amount will be used for infrastructure development.

The road network in Bamenda is very deplorable, be it from T- junction to hospital roundabout, Ngeng Junction to city chemist roundabout, veterinary junction to T-junction amongst others, pot holes are very much present. During the rainy season movement is difficult and some roads within the town are impassable. The situation is not different during the dry season as all the roads become dusty. Water crisis is another big issue in Bamenda, during the dry season it is not uncommon to find people moving from one direction of the town to the other looking for water to drink. Water crisis during the dry season often leads to water borne diseases. To all these and many more, the Bamenda City Council (BCC) is not lying on its laurels as it is doing its best to ensure that city dwellers leave comfortably within the city.  During their last budgetary session, the council voted FCFA 3.8 billion for 2018. 44 per cent of the amount have been allocated for infrastructure development. This shows the councils willingness to give the city a facelift in 2018. At the budgetary session, councillors agreed to tar some roads within the town such as End of tar Longla road, Old Council Junction amongst others. The FCFA 3.8 billion adopted will also help in the provision of pipe borne water to some quarters.  2018 will bring some order in the public transport sector as the haphazard parking within the town will be put at bay. The Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council revealed that the council is expecting FCFA 2.5 billion subvention from the government which will also assist the council in achieving its goals. He said out of the FCFA 30 billion 3rd phase C2D (from the French government) grant, FCFA 21 billion will be used for road infrastructure within the city.  He disclosed that the dual carriageway for Bamenda which is a two year program will begin in 2018.

The present socio-political crisis rocking the region is not helping the Bamenda City Council as they were unable to collect the expected revenue. The loss is huge thereby hindering the council to carry out some projects. Ndumu Nji Vincent was optimistic that 2018 will be better and that the council will do better than the previous year. 

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