Amenda : Fight Against Illegal Fuel Faces Stiff Resistance

The Bamenda-Mamfe-Ekok-Nigeria trans-African highway has made things easier for dealers in the secto

The fight against illegal fuel in the North West Regional capital of Bamenda is facing some stiff resistance owing that dealers have derived new modus operandi which are sometimes difficult for the security forces to trap them. It is alleged that the fuel is put in trucks transporting sand; that is, the fuel containers are placed under before sand is placed so as to outsmart the different security checks. The influx of the illegal fuel from neighbouring Nigeria is pretty high as the express high way from Bamenda-Mamfe-Ekok to Nigeria has made it easier for dealers in the sector. The fuel is smuggled into Bamenda-Cameroon in tons with little stress. Consequently the sale of the precious liquid is on a steady increase in Bamenda despite the frequent seizures. Most of the dealers do not have license and lack adequate safety storage facilities. In Bamenda, the illegal fuel sells cheaper at FCFA 500 as compared to FCFA 600 per litter sold in fuel stations. 

To put order in the sector, the Regional Delegation of Water and Energy Resources in collaboration with the Forces of Law and Order has always been on the field to confiscate illegal fuel and educate the population on the dangers of dealing in such illegal business. The second phase of the operation that started in November 2017 have seen the seizure of some 18,000 litters of fuel. According to the Regional Delegate of Energy and Water Resources, Ndodjeng Bossong Antoine, those caught have no license and do not meet up with the regulations in force. He said the fuel will be tested and if of good quality it will be sold to those who have license. He said the operation is to deter illegal dealers and encourage the consumption of Cameroonian fuel. While inspecting the fuel seized, the Governor of the North West Region Adolphe Lele L’Afrique congratulated the committee and encouraged them to intensify the fight. He was worried about the way the dealers store the fuel as it is often being stored in homes and even in kitchens. He advised those dealing in the illegal fuel business to invest in other profitable businesses.

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