North West : The Region prepares For SIARC 2018

Some 45 craftsmen have been selected to represent the region in the international exhibition which w

Crafts men and women of the North West Region are currently preparing to win more prizes in the upcoming International Arts and Craft Exhibition - SIARC to take place in Yaounde in 2018. The event organized by the Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts is a yearly event that brings together exhibitors from all over the 10 regions of Cameroon and beyond. To get the best from the North West Region, the regional Delegation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts usually organizes regional exhibitions.

This year’s regional event that ran from the 14-15 of December 2017 at the Bamenda handicrafts village saw the selection of some 45 best handiwork to represent the region. All who participated received certificates of participation and cash prizes ranging from CFA 25.000 to 250.000.

For the Regional Delegate Ntanen Nathan Wulijungwi, the North West Region has different crafts works typical of the region and portrays the culture of the people. He said the 45 selected will display works of art from Bamboo, traditional embroidery, weaving, pottery just to name a few. He was proud that the region is very rich in handicraft work and optimistic that those selected will keep the flag of the region high during the international exhibition.

Meanwhile the representative of the Governor of the North West Region Saidou Moussa congratulated those selected and asked them to do last minute finishing before the international event in Yaounde. He said the craft exhibition is out to promote the development and marketing of craft products in and out of Cameroon. He urged the selected exhibitors to do their best and bring home more prizes from SIARC 2018. The governor’s representative was quick to call upon all craftsmen to make good use of the handicraft village recently constructed by the government.

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