Public Contracts in North West : Stakeholders Cautioned To Shun Corruption

Governor Adolphe Lele L’Afrique made the clarion call during the launching of the programming of pub

Stakeholders of the public contract chain in the North West Region have been cautioned to respect deadline and shun all aspects of corruption which hinders the smooth functioning of the public contract sector. It is on record that corruption is a major hindrance to the proper execution of projects within the region. Contractors often complain of administrators who ask for percentages before a contract is awarded to them.  To all these, Governor Adolphe Lele L’Afrique has called on all and sundry to stop giving or receiving money before any public contract is awarded.  This was during the national conference on the programming of public contracts for the 2018 financial year which took place in Bamenda on December 12, 2017.

During the meeting, the Governor appreciated the Ministry of Public Contracts for making the program log book available on time. To him, it will enable contracts to be awarded on time and consequently projects executed properly and within the time frame. 

The representative of the Minister of Public Contracts, Inspector of Control of Public Contracts, Allongifor Ignatius equally cautioned stakeholders to respect the different deadlines.  He said all contracts must be awarded within the first four months of the year 2018. He advised against petition writing, backstabbing amongst others. He said the programming will go a long way to monitor and evaluate contractors and will reduce the rate of delays in the launching of contract award. 

Meanwhile the North West Regional Delegate of Public, Contracts Bang Joseph revealed that all 187 projects in the region for 2017 were awarded with the physical execution rate at 80 per cent recorded by press time. 


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