Light for Africa : Homemade Solar Energy Panels By 2018

The Cameroonian start-up will produce 10,000 photovoltaic kits and install about 50 photovoltaic cen

There are more than 1billion inhabitants in Africa, 800 million of who lack access to electricity, despite the fact that the continent has all the necessary natural and human resources that can produce electricity. In the same light, Cameroon is powered by one company, which explains why about 12,000 localities lack access to electricity. To curb the energy deficit, a start-up owned by two young Cameroonians known as Light for Africa, is currently producing solar panels that will light homes and communities. The solar panels that will absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity or heat will require photovoltaic modules or photovoltaic centres.

According to the founder of Light for Africa, Jules Arnold Nsang, they will produce 5,000 photovoltaic kits and about 50 photovoltaic centres by the end of 2018. The solar energy by Light for Africa will constitute not only photovoltaic kits that will permit individual houses to have access to natural electricity, but also photovoltaic centres that will power small communities as from 100 houses. With the kits, owners will just carryout maintenance since the lifespan of the solar panels is between 20 and 25 years. With the photovoltaic centres, houses will have to pay monthly electricity bills which will be relatively cheaper. The solar panel will have the capacity of 250watts and each house will take about four of the panels. However, the team of eight engineers at Light for Africa said they can still produce 120watts on demand.

To the co-founder, Patrice Fritz Botsomoko, the production will be 80 per cent Made in Cameroon since nearly all the materials are found and produced in Cameroon except photovoltaic cells which due to lack of technology in Africa, are bound to be bought from outside. “We have the ambition to produce our own photovoltaic cells in five years,” he said. The start-up though still financially handicapped, has started production. It will organise an international fundraising in March 2018 in order to reach production target.


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