Eve Confiture : Homemade Natural Jam Hit Stands

Jam made with apple, guava, mango, orange, pawpaw, pineapple and soursop are produced and conditione

Way back, jam consumed in the country were only imported. This was mainly because of the fact that made in Cameroon jam were yet to surface on shelves in supermarkets. A few years ago, Cameroonians saw prospects in the sector and began staging their way in. One of such business oriented citizens, Eveline Ndamdja, under the brand name Eve Confiture, entered the market in 2012 producing natural quality jam with fruits like apple, carrot, guava, mango, orange, passion fruit, pawpaw, pineapple, soursop and water melon. Driven by the passion for jam, Mama Eve, as she is fondly called, noticed that it could be used for breakfast and snacks and goes with bread, potatoes and plantain chips and lot more. 

“Since parents have the habit of giving bread and chocolate and or butter and mayonnaise to their kids as breakfast and even snacks, they should alternate with jam often because it is natural, produced and preserved under good conditions,” she explained. Eve Confiture that started as a joke in 2012, now occupies frontlines in the shelves of most big supermarkets in Douala.

To the proprietor of Cooperative Ferme Agropastoral du Cameroun, Eveline Ndamdja natural fruits constitutes 70 per cent of the jam while sugar is less than 30 per cent. Given that there are many illnesses such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, that emerge from changing lifestyles and others that do not discriminate between the young and the old like diabetes and hepatitis, Eve confiture came out with jam for every health condition. She produces jam with and without sugar, uses fruits like soursop that is said to likely reduce eye diseases, fight cancer, kill pancreatic cancer cells and treats infections. 

The various types of jam are produced with fruits from the Moungo Division, which is the hub of fruit markets in the country. The fruits, Mama Eve says, are natural with little or no chemicals. “Starting from the fruits, through protection and conservation is natural” she said 

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