End-Of-Year Festivities : Preparations Go Beyond Bright Lights

Authorities are investing in features that would embellish major cities both momentarily and in the

The capital city of Yaounde is currently twinkling with colorful bright lights that remain switched-on round the clock. The lights were installed recently in all major roundabouts and turned-on a couple of days ago by authorities of the Yaounde City Council to give life to end-of-year festivities- highpoints of which include the celebration of Christmas and New Year’s Day. In some areas like the amusement park at the Carrefour Warda in the city center, some of the twinkling lights are formed in words that read “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” in English and French. Similar decorations which have become a tradition are also visible in major towns and cities across the national triangle. 

Besides lighting and decorations, council authorities nationwide are also organizing and supporting organization of trade fairs which not only provide opportunities for companies to promote their products, and for consumers to buy them at reduced costs, but also provides special facilities for entertainment of both children and adults. 

This year, many council authorities have decided to go beyond the usual. They are spending in two dimensions the millions of FCFA allocated for preparation of towns and cities for the end-of-feast by investing in features that would embellish their towns and cities both temporarily and in the long term. For instance, the Maroua City Council is spending FCFA 360 million to install 300 solar energy lights in strategic places. The city council boss says, lighting up the city for celebrations is great, but opines that investing in features that would be useful even after the feast, is greater. The city is still under threats from Boko Haram and robbers and as such, authorities decided to make security a major aspect. 

In Garoua, city council authorities are also acting in the same direction; lighting up the city is accompanied by refurbishment of roads and pavements, repainting of structures and “fine-tuning features that attract investors;” says the Government Delegate, Ahmadou Elhadj Bouba. Similar activities are going on in Bafoussam where the city council is in addition, repainting electricity poles, and repairing traffic lights and potholes along the streets. The Limbe City Council is spending FCFA 100 million on embellishment of all its public leisure centers among other things while local authorities of Bertoua I in the East region have billed FCFA 5million for the organization of the “Bertoua City Sun” trade fair and other activities. Government has taken measures to ensure security of persons and property during celebratory activities nationwide, especially in the North West and South West regions that are new to armed attacks currently taking place therein.

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