Rapid Ticket : Interurban Travelling Made Easy

Over 700 tickets booked through the e-ticketing platform in one month saved customer’s time and disp


uying a bus ticket in order to travel from one town to another especially at night is associated with a lot of inconveniences. The traveler at times has to pay the ticket in advance in order to have a seat especially during peak period like weekends, beginning and end of summer holidays as well as the Christmas season. 

To avoid the inconveniences and disappointments, an e-ticketing startup dubbed Rapid Ticket, developed a web application where travelers use the platform through which citizens buy tickets while at work or at home. The ordeal of travelling to the bus station just to buy a ticket and return home before travelling especially at night is no more. The initiative by the platform is praiseworthy. According to the CEO of Rapid Ticket, Guy-Cédric Mbouopda, travelers now pay their tickets within one minute which was not the case before. “After leaving the house to buy a ticket which is time consuming, the traveler has to follow a queue during peak period. The time-wasting inconveniences of travelling to the bus station and time wasted is avoided through the Rapid Ticket platform,” he explained. 

The CEO who suffered the ordeal of travelling by night and decided to create a solution for others, disclosed that they get FCFA 500 from any ticket bought through the Rapid Ticket platform. “If a ticket is FCFA 5,000, the customer pays FCFA 5,500 and in one month, over 700 people used our platform. The only challenge we face is getting into partnership with interurban travel agencies,” he explained. The startup aiming to become a key player in e-ticketing, offering fast and simple solution to users and helping interurban travel agencies swell their revenue, is currently upgrading the app to accept all means of payment ranging from Master and Visa cards to mobile money.

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