Employment : Trades & Jobs Fair Opens In Yaounde Today

Focus on the event which is in its seventh edition is on opportunities of the digital economy.

a brielle Dissongo Fiong and her crew of about seven youngsters were among people that showed up at the Yaounde City Hall on December 5 to begin exhibiting their knowhow in digitalisation. She is Coordinator of the ‘Help Services Enterprise’, a start-up that connects house helps to employers through an online platform. “We have been in business for closed to two years but we are yet to be well known. We are here with the hope that this Trade and Jobs Fair will give is more visibility. We also hope to register interested candidates here and also seal deals with customers. We add value to au pair and gardening jobs” she told CBT. Her start-up is among several others invited to take part in the event which has as theme; “What vocational training opportunities and jobs in Cameroon in the era of the digital economy.” Like Help and Services, many other employment agencies, enterprises, professional training institutions, as well as students and jobseekers on day-one, swamped the vicinity hosting the 7th edition of the Trades and Jobs which the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training Zacharie Perevet will officially open today. The 3-day event is expected to attract 15 thousand visitors. In a press conference on December 1, Minister Perevet said; “faithful to its duty of developing and implementing government policy on employment, vocational training and integration, the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training wishes to make the 7th edition of the Trade and Jobs Fair an opportunity to discover and demonstrate training and jobs in the era of the digital economy”. He also gave to understanding that it is a meeting point for employers and job seekers, trainers and potential trainees, investment financing institutions and business-plan-carrying youths, among others.  A source in MINEFOP told CBT that 200 job seekers have been recruited on the spot in the past six editions of the Trades and Jobs Fair. Our source also said 20 youths were employed on the spot last year.  The source noted there are high chances many others who got interview appointments with companies from the event, were also recruited later on.  

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