Offensive Moves To Conquer Regional Market

The State-owned air carrier is extending flights to destinations like Dakar, Cotonou, Bangui, Librev

T he national air carrier,  Camair-Co, is pursuing  its strategic ambition  to conquer the African  regional market. After spreading  its tentacles to eight out of the  ten regions of the country, the  national airline company is now  targeting the regional market  with destinations such as Abidjan,  Dakar, Libreville, N’Djamena,  Cotonou and Bangui amongst  others. The extension of Camair-Co’s regional network is  intended to keep the company  afloat as was recommended by  the American Boeing, a consulting firm that carried out an  audit of the company. The air  company is now focusing on  intensifying its national and regional network as its present  situation renders it uncompetitive in the inter-continental  market. Reason why unprofitable  destinations such as Paris has  been momentarily suspended.  According to information on  the company’s website, flight  to Bangui in the Central African  Republic will be launched on  December 3, 2017. Meanwhile,  flights to other destinations in  the Central and West Africa will  be progressively launched from  December 15, 2017. Camair-Co  has programmed four flights per  week on Mondays, Wednesdays,  Fridays and Sundays. The company has also facilitated access  to flight tickets for clients as  they can buy via mobile money  and book flights online.  Camair-Co’s  internal  flight  strategy is so far yielding positive fruits. It emerged from  the recent working visit of the  General Manager, Ernest Dikoum  to the West Regional capital,  Bafoussam that the company’s  monthly revenue has tripled  from FCFA 400 million to over  FCFA 1.2 billion. Camair-Co, it  was revealed, carries out at  least  104  flights  per  week  within the country with over  200,000 passengers recorded  since January 2017. While the  airliner is lay emphasis on the  quality of service, its African  Regional flights which begins  in the days ahead are intended  to exploit new grounds before  embarking on intercontinental  flights.

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