North West : FCFA 40 million Equipment To Mechanise Agriculture

Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development, Dr Fuh Calist

The Frontier Agro-Industrial Programme (FAINAP), conceived and launched to advance the industrialization of Donga Mantung Division has taken root. Project area inhabitants jumped for joy recently when the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines, industries and Technological Development, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry who doubles as the Founder/President of FAINAP offered huge equipment to advance project activities. It was time for farmers to start counting blessings with the offer of the equipment worth about FCFA 40 million. In effect, Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry was in Nkambe with four motorcycles and a multi- planter tractor to take industrialization forward in the very agricultural productive basins of Donga Mantung Division. It was a moment for farmers to sing and dance with the FAINAP Programme as a blessing that has come to stay. The visiting Secretary of State, inspired the population to embrace the programme which is a corridor towards development. The motorcycles will facilitate the movement of farmer representatives to demonstration farms for proper follow up of activities. It emerged from an evaluation meeting during the Nkambe event that the fruits of the programme are already visible. Some farmers were on record with amazing positive yields to show for maize seedlings imported from South Africa. It is all about a double in tonnage of maize harvested. Impressed by the enthusiasm and the promising project, the Secretary of State, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry announced the imminent construction of a warehouse in the neighbourhood of Nguu village with the World Bank standing by the project. He revealed that on completion farmers will not stress to exchange corn for money on-the-spot.  Beneficiary farmers will in the future equally be served seeds and fertilizers to increase production and productivity. FAINAP Programme will also enhance cattle production while an imminent Agropole project sponsored by MINEPAT will equally help matters to boost poultry and cattle activities with a feed processing Unit. It was also reported that recently distributed palm seedlings in Ako, Misaje and Mbaw plains are doing well. FAINAP, the poverty alleviation programmme for Donga Mantung Division sources funding, encourages production and lobbies for the marketing of produce from the coverage area.  

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