South-West : Bad Roads Hamper Economic Activities

Travellers from Kumba to Mbonge, Ekondo-Titi and Mundemba road are now left with fear as the road is

G oing to Mbonge Sub-Division which is just an hour drive from Kumba in Meme Division this time around has not been an easy trip especially with the extended rains this year. Drivers who ply this road sometimes spend days after being stuck in deep and thick mud. The situation has slowed down economic activities between Mbonge, Ekondi Titi and Kumba, as the stretch of road which in its good state has a high traffic density is now in a deplorable state. Movements of persons and goods have therefore been limited thus a slump in economic activities. With this situation, the Meme Senior Divisional Officer (SDO), Ntou’ou Ndong Chamberlin was informed on the poor state of the stretch which was practically impassable. He mobilized the company that won the contract to tar the Kumba-Ekondo Titi road as well as PAMOL heavy duty machinery to repair the bad spots in order to ease the movement of passengers. «At the moment the road is passable waiting for the rains to cease so that the work of the contractor could continue», the SDO noted. The SDO assured that as he is there as the representative of the Head of State, he would ensure the proper tarring of the 60km stretch of road. Due to the heavy down pour transport fare from Kumba to Mbonge which used to be FCFA 2000 has increase to FCFA 4000.   

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