The Future is Bright

There will be a growing need for private schools in new areas in Douala III and V Sub Divisions.

The cliché; education is the key to success, also holds in the business part of the sector (education) as private schools are being created in the economic capital every now and then. The fact that private schools in the secondary education sector increased from 159 in 2012 to 214 in 2017 in the Wouri Division alone is telling of the profit margin of proprietors. To further confirm that the education sector is a currency-getting sector, of the 1,538 nursery schools present in the division, 1,406 are private schools while just 125 are government and 7 are community-owned schools. The situation is not different in the primary section where 1,459 of the 1,778 primary schools in Douala are private schools, 209 are government and 110 are mission schools. In all, Douala harbours some 3,082 private schools consisting of nursery, primary and secondary schools.  Referring to statistics from the Divisional Delegation of Secondary Education for the Wouri, the rate at which schools are created is really high. The Head of the School Map Department in the Divisional Delegation, Ndjigui Ndjock confirmed that 55 secondary schools where created in the space of five years which is a sign that the sector is lucrative. Given that there exist a lot of clandestine schools in Douala, Ndjigui Ndjock disclosed that the number of schools would significantly increase if the schools are duly registered.  To the Divisional Delegate of Secondary Education, Yomba Janvier Ngwanza, in order to sanitise the sector, they constantly crackdown on illegal schools. To him, there is a great expansion potential of private schools in newly created neighbourhoods in the Douala III and Douala V council areas. Neighbourhoods including Lendi and Yassa are in need of schools and the government cannot do it alone. The private sector will spread their tentacles in such new grounds, making mouth-watering turnovers. The delegate’s plea for the educational family is for investors to be organised by fulfilling and following all the regulations on creating a school in order to avert the ordeal during crackdown.

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