Thamani Health To Enhance Healthcare

The increasing shortage of medics and proliferation of clandestine health facilities precipitate dea

Quality healthcare in Cameroon is yet to be a reality owing to limited health facilities and medical staff in nearly all the hospitals in the country. In government and some mission hospitals like the Baptist, there is always an over flow of crowd in the consultation halls. Statistics from the World Health Organisation which states that a medical doctor is to 12,000 patients in Cameroon confirms the aforementioned assertion. In the Ndop District Hospital in the North West Region for example, there is just one surgeon for the ever increasing population.  Away from the inconveniences, the fear that a chunk of illegal health establishments with quack medical staff will instead precipitate the dead of patients, pushed young medical student, Temgoua Sonfack Gatienne to create an online health service where a list of contacts of pharmacies, medical doctors, hospitals are lodged for patients to get information on the nearest hospital, pharmacy and specialists in different field in case of booking an appointment. “Thamani Health is a team of five young medical students driven by passion and love to ameliorate the health system in our country. We carried out a research five months back and discovered that 82 per cent of patients go to the hospital only when the situation is very bad. It is our own way to help our fellow humans to get the best of healthcare,” she expressed. Thamani; a Swahili word that means precious, indicates that the life of people is not a game and must be regarded as precious. Thamani health formally referred to as “Allodoc” consist of the web and the mobile phone application versions which are still under evaluation with 94 patients and 56 patients respectively aged between 21 and 62. It is only after the results of the prototype phase that the services of Thamani Health will be opened to the public.  Away from booking appointment with medics and indicating hospitals location, Thamani Health also has a column that educates on the prevention of certain diseases and precautions to take in case of various health emergencies and as well consist a list of pharmacies on standby. Booking an appointment through the platform costs FCFA 200/ day, weekly subscription plus telephone consultation is FCFA 1,000 while monthly subscription plus telephone consultation is FCFA 3,500.

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