Traveler : Online Road Safety Platform To Curb Accidents

The application by Arnold Achiri Nji, converts mobile phones into speed performance and collision de

Yearly frightening figures from the World Health Organisation and from Cameroon’s Ministry of Transport on the number of road accidents registered in the world and Cameroon in particular is alarming. The untold sufferings they bring to family members and the economic impact is huge. In some cases the victims are not even identified which makes it more painful to their loved ones. Going by statistics from the Association of Insurance Companies in Cameroon, ASAC, some FCFA 188.498 billion was paid as claims from 2010 to 2015 with FCFA 40.192 billion paid in 2015 alone. Looking at the aforementioned, the CEO and Co-founder of Traveler, Arnold Achiri Nji thought it wise to develop an application that will greatly reduce accident rates in and out of Cameroon. The mobile phone application that monitors the performance, speed, location and passengers on a bus with the help of ‘big data’ and ‘machine intelligence’, alerts drivers and authorities to potential danger. The app disclose the speed at which the driver plies the road, and collision should it occur. Concerning the speed, the monitory centre alerts the driver and when an accident occur, the app detects it location automatically and notifies emergency services, hospitals and family members for free. The good thing about the app is that it works both on and offline. With the online system, the app do real time tracking, analyse performance and incidents while it works as a black box device offline, tracking and saving the driver’s performance and incidents. With the application, the rate of accident will reduced and dead hovering over those seriously injured can be prevented since emergency services will be immediate. So far, the passenger version which is free is working well and the enterprise version is moving slowly but surely. Since the team of seven IT engineers that man the platform collaborate with the Ministry of Transport, the CEO disclosed that the app will be made compulsory for all land travel companies by the Ministry of Transport. He further intimated that the ministry will equally defend a budget in respect to the app in parliament and that by early next year, all travel agencies must have applied the rules. Though just one travel agency uses the enterprise version as at now, Arnold Achiri Nji is poised road accident will be curbed by 50 per cent if all road transport enterprises use the apps. It is worth noting that the start-up grabbed the first prize of FCFA 2 million from Orange Cameroon’s 7th edition of social enterprise, FCFA 30 million won in Morocco and 10 million from a company in Cameroon.

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