Cocoa/coffe: GUCE Simplifies Export Procedure

The time spent on export process and the amount of tax paid per kg has drastically reduced.

Cocoa and coffee merchants now smile from molar to molar following the putting into application of the simplificationof export procedures by the Single Window for External Trade (GUCE) on September 1, 2017. The simplified procedure put in place in collaboration with the National Cocoa and Coffee Board (NCCB), following Trade Minister’s instructions, will not only see the number of days spent by dealers to export their product reduced, but will as well reduce the tax for cocoa by half. Going by a press release from GUCE, the tax per kilogram of cocoa has been reduced from FCFA 150 to FCFA 75 and will hence be paid in banks through the platform of GUCE while the Customs department will validate the payment. In addition, between two to three-day period that exporters took to compile documents has been reduced to less than an hour since nearly everything up to payment will be done online. With the new dispensation, the only manual work is a thorough inspection of the product by NCCB’s Central Laboratory Unit before shipment. Before September 1st, merchants had to present sales declaration comprising exporter’s name, code, produce type, season, quality and quantity of produce and shipment terms, which are all paperwork before being established a receipt by NCCB Export Office. The cocoa exporter then used the receipt to obtain a cheque from a branch of NCCB lodge at GUCE for payment in the bank. The long and tiring process that lasted for at least two days is now carried out in less than an hour. According to NCCB’s Chief of Service for Exportation, Kelvin Tamakew, the new system will drastically reduce exportation fraud given that there will be a better follow up, transparency and traceability. Two weeks into the new procedure, the Chief of Service for Exportation disclosed that exporters are yet to master the online version and no significant sales declarations have been processed so far. While cocoa dealers enjoy the reduction in tax and the fascinating procedures, dealers in coffee still pay FCFA 100 per kilogram but benefits from the dematerialisation process. FCFA 75 is the new tax cocoa exporters pay per kilogram.  

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