START-UP: Koutchoumi Immobilier real Estate Agents Facilitate Procedures

To get an apartment or land for rents or purchase is an uphill task in big towns

Searching for a house in the economic capital, Douala and in other big cities like Yaounde is not always easy. Moving from one block to another, asking inhabitants and passers-by whether there is a house around on rent is no longer fashionable. Most people looking for a house or land to rent or buy have resorted to meet experts in the field. Real Estate Agents are self-employed young men, whose only job is to brave the nooks and crannies of neighbourhoods and gather statistics on which house, apartment and land are on sale or ready to be rented out. Once they get the information, they contact property owners and get details like the cost and appropriate documents including land titles for land and the monthly rents to be paid in the case of a house or an apartment. Since the process of getting a house is an age-old phenomenon, some young ICT engineers, who faced similar problem after graduating from school, decided to come out with a platform; Koutchoumi Immobilier, to facilitate the search. With Koutchoumi platform, its Chief Executive Officer, Peter Djomga disclosed they work with serious real estate agents in Douala and Yaounde. He further disclosed that they work in partnership with just 20 real estate agents who publish their advert on Koutchoumi platform for those searching for a house to exploit. Though Koutchoumi offers the services to the real estate agents free of charge, however, should their advert feature at the top, real estate agents pay a yearly fee of FCFA 75,000 to google. Once a person looking for a house or a land finally confirm what has been posted on the platform, they contact the real estate agent and the property is visited. Stories have frequently come up how some persons have been duped of huge sums by real estate agents. Some even organise and constitute a group of trickster who even take naïve clients round and ask for money for some rapid repairs before handing the house to them. However, with Koutchoumi, the customer is assured since the agents on the site are trustworthy. FCFA 75,000 Annual fee paid to google by real estate advertisers in case their advert features on the top.  

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