BADEP: repopulating Bakassi Peninsular As Priority

The Prime Minister Decree of August 21, 2017 created the Bakassi Peninsular Development Programme.

The Bakassi Peninsular in Ndian Division of the South West Region will soon see a new lease of life following the recent creation of the Bakassi Peninsular Development Programme abbreviated as “BADEP”. Placed under the supervision of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, the programme which has as principal mission to repopulate the area covers five sub-divisions that make up the Bakassi Peninsular notably Isangele, Idabato, Kombo Abedimo, Kombo Itindi and Bamusso. The Prime Ministerial decree on the creation, organisation and functioning of BADEP, points out in its chapter I, various projects contained in the strategic document for the repopulation of Bakassi peninsular. The projects include facilitating both maritime and land access, putting in place a permanent security system, organisation of producers in cooperatives, putting in place viable potable water and electricity supply systems, development of production and processing infrastructure for fishery products, construction of camps for fishermen and agricultural cultivators of Cameroonian nationals resident in the peninsular, framework for the commercialisation of fishery products, follow-up of construction work on a mini electric dam on River Mana, support PAMOL’s extension project to Bakassi, attribution of plots for settlement for the displaced population amongst others. All of these, will be managed by two organs to run BADEP notably, Orientation Committee and Operational Management Committee as stipulated in chapter II of the decree. The Orientation committee which is charged with coordinating BADEP’s activities, is placed under the authority of the Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development. Meanwhile, the Operational management unit assures the execution of the programme’s activities. It will be placed under the authority of a Coordinator while the later will be piloted by a President of the Committee. BADEP’s operational management unit, according to the decree, is made up of four departments for the execution of its mission namely “The Department for the Development of Infrastructure and Repopulation, Community Development and Socio-economic Activities, Department of Administration and Financial Affairs and the Department of Cooperation and Institutional Support.

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