Banana: export Scaling Amidst Falling Prices

Banana exports by country totalled 11.8 billion US dollars (circa FCFA 60 billion) in 2016, up by an average 30.9% for all banana shippers over the five-year period. Banana production in Cameroon in 2015 stood at 363,029 metric tons. It is cultivated on a surface area of close to 10,000 hectares mainly in Fako Division, South West Region, Moungo in the Littoral Region and Ocean Division in the South Region. According to World’s Top Export June 2017 statistics, Cameroon is world’s 11th exporter of banana with a 2.9 per cent of total export. Ecuador is the leading exporter of Banana in the globe with 23.3 per cent of total export. Other principal exporters include Guatemala (10.5 per cent) Costa Rica (8.5 per cent), Belgium (8 per cent) Colombia (7.8 per cent), amongst others. Among the above countries, the fastestgrowing bananas exporters since 2012 were: Cameroon (up 351.7 per cent), Dominican Republic (up 221.9 per cent), Mexico (up 184.3 per cent), Côte d’Ivoire (up 164.9 per cent) and the Netherlands (up 129.9 per cent). However, the price for the commodity in the international market downed to as low as 3 US dollar (about FCFA 1,500) per box in July 2017 from 7 US dollar (about FCFA 3,500) same time last year.

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