Buea: varsity Hikes Lodging Cost

The exponential student population is bringing pressure to bear on housing facilities.

In the South West Regional capital of Buea, lodging is becoming expensive by the years. Whereas before the 1990s one could pay less than half of what is today the average cost of rents, the population boom from the advent of the University of Buea created late 1992 has raised the levels of social interactions, economic activities and the cost of living in the erstwhile near-rural setting. Although the Germans brought fame to the name of Buea before 1916, habitat had hardly constituted a serious economic activity. People lived unperturbed in their makeshift wooden houses and the population never hit the 200.000 figure advanced by some officials today. The 20.000 University community came to metamorphose habits and give Buea a new lease of life. Henceforth, Buea can be segmented into some four zones of habitation namely the Molyko student residential area, the new layouts (line Sandpit with luxurious apartments), the Cameroon Real Estate Corporation (SIC) area and the peripheral rural dwelling. The various prices are determined by the distance to the city centre, access roads and the quality of the structure and availability of social amenities. SIC Houses Non Civil Servants Civil Servants 2 rooms + 1 parlour 38.000 19.000 3 rooms + 1 parlour 43.000 21.500 4 rooms + 1 parlour 48.000 24.000  Cost of Renting in Buea SIC Houses Category Buea urban centre (in FCFA University area (Molyko) (FCFA) Periphery (FCFA) Apartment 50,000-60,000 60,000-80,000 40,000 Studio 40,000-50,000 40,000+ 20,000 Modern room 20,000-25,000 20,000 -35,000 10,000- 12.000                                          

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