Bamenda: affordable High Standing Houses

Low cost houses are in short supply in the North West region.

The North Westregional capital, Bamenda features virtually all categories of houses to serve users. Among the lot; are apartment conspicuously planted in the administrative neighbourhoods of Up-station, Bamenda I Sub Division, Divisional capitals or around high class neighbourhoods like Foncha Street. This category of houses easily fetch about F 100.000 monthly from tenants because of their high quality, location and accessibility to social amenities. The same neighbourhoods feature studios that serve some senior Civil servants at the service of the region or divisions. Such facilities easily fetch; F 25.000 monthly or F 15.000 for modern rooms. The demand for lodging is also high in the city centre following the high population density unlike in the peripheries where mostly the indigenous population lives. Away from the city centres; the University community of Bamenda in the neighbourhood of Bambili equally features similar studios for students in professional schools. Here, the high demand for lodging pushes price to surge. The peripheries offer a lot in affordable accommodation though low cost houses are in short supply. Modern rooms are spread across the quarters of metropolitan Bamenda. Meanwhile, storey buildings erected across the region emerge with cheap opportunities for tenants. Experts from the Regional delegation of Housing and Urban Development indicate that apartments and studios in such high standing buildings offer cheap accommodation because it is the same foundation that carries several apartments, studios or modern rooms.

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