Anti-dumping Committee

Functioning Modalities Spelt-out

The June 7, 2017 decree of the Prime Minister, Head of Government defines the role of the committee as far as deterring the phenomenon and encouraging local production.According to Investopedia, dumping, in reference to international trade, is the export by a country or company of a product at a price that is lower in the foreign market than the price charged in the domestic market. As dumping usually involves substantial export volumes of the product, it often has the effect of endangering the financial viability of manufacturers or producers of the product in the importing nation. This is the nefarious effects that the government of Cameroon seeks to shun by creating the Committee on Anti-dumping and Subsidies. Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang on June 7, 2017 signed a decree laying down the modalities for the organisation and functioning of the Anti-dumping committee known by its French acronym as COMADSU. The Prime Minister’s decree spells out the modalities for the functioning and organisation of the committee as well as defines its role in the national economy. The anti-dumping committee placed under the authority of the ministry in charge of external trade plays the role of a consultative and monitoring organ in the domain of importation and subsidies. The committee has a task of investigating and advising the government on issues pertaining to the practice of dumping and subsidies as well as excessive importation which can cause prejudices on local production. The committee is expected to carry out investigations in order to determine the existence of dumping as well as its effects on the local economy. It also verifies the exactitude of data collected in the domain. It also gives its opinion on the provisional or definite application of the anti-dumping law as well as safeguard measures. Article 3 of chapter II of the decree gives an overview of the organisation and functioning of COMADSU. The structure is headed by a President (Minister in charge of External trade or his representative) to be assisted by the representative of the Ministry Finance. The committee has a permanent secretariat coordinated by a Coordinator and his assistance. The committee is expected to meet at least once every semester of the year.

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