The tuber is grown round the clock but the quality differs according to period. To a cassava trader in the Rail market in Bonaberi, Douala, most cassava harvested from the month of March to June are not as good as those harvested from July to February. To her, that harvested from March to June are not very good for boiling but for producing other items like garri and water fufu. There are two kinds of cassava in the market; the red and white types. The red type is good for boiling while the white is good for transforming into garri, ‘miondo’ and water fufu. A bag of 50 kilograms varies between FCFA 3,000 and FCFA 4,500 depending on the ‘bush market’ prices. The prices are fixed according to the quantity available. It is mostly grown in the Moungo and some areas in the South West Region.

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