Financial Management

Public Establishments To Summit Account

The Minister of Finance, Alamine Ousmane Mey, has  published a memorandum summoning public sector institutions to convene their board meetings before 30 June  2017. According to the communique, Finance Minister  states that the Boards of Directors of public establishments and parapublic institutions must approve the 2016  financial and management accounts for onward transmission to the Ministry of Finance. Minister Ousmane Mey  recalled that submission of the financial and management  accounts to the Ministry of Finance is provided for in the  provisions of the December 22, 1999 law bearing on the  Statutes of public and para-public establishments with regards to the examination of annual accounts and reports.  Cameroon has 119 entities and enterprises that make up  the public sector. More than 70% of State institutions are  non-commercial administrative entities.

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