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Scarcity As Flu Persists

The scarcity of broiler chicken on the Cameroonian market for some weeks now, direct consequence of the bird  flu epizooty which broke out in May 2016, then resisted  until the beginning of this year 2017 in the main production basins of the country (West region) has pushed  economic operators to import frozen chicken into the  country in order to make brisk business. Taking advantage of the porous borders with neighbouring countries  such as Gabon, Nigeria, Chad or Equatorial Guinea,  those operators managed to import cargoes of frozen  chicken banned since 2006 in the Cameroonian market.  In Yaounde, the capital city, these products are nevertheless for sale in markets, particularly fishmongers.  Prices for this food products vary between FCFA 1,800  and 2,000 per kilogram, against FCFA 4,500 to 6,000 for  a live chicken of 2.5 of 2.5 kg.

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