“Encourage Small Holders”

Franklin Ngoni Njie, General Manager of Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC

“The palm oil is an area to which I relate almost emotionally. It is very important to know that the main producers of palm oil are in south-eastern Asia. That is Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. It is also very important to know that many years ago Malaysians came to Cameroon to learn about oil palm production. They even collected the pollinators of palms. This means that our country has a natural and historical connection with oil palms. With our 15.000 hectares of oil palm plantation in CDC, our productivity is low. We are producing eight tons per hectare. Those countries leading in palm oil production are more than double our production. They are above 20 tons per hectare. Let us agree that their conditions maybe favourable. But it may not be wrong to talk of rejuvenation of palm areas in Cameroon and realistically targeting 15 tons of produce per hectare. We have areas of plantations that are above 40 years old. With the nature of our soils under erosion, this plant requires fertilizers, which are costly. The cost of production of oil is above the State-fixed price. It is a difficult equation to balance. In those big producing countries the big chunk of production is done by small holders. In Cameroon, encouraging small holders should be the ideal”.

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