Veritable Avenues For Brisk Business

The period between November and January is often characterized by many high profile events like trad

On November 2, 2023, an international tourism fair opened in Limbe, Cameroon’s coastal city located in the South West Region of the country. The event which took place on Nov 2-4, brought together exhibitors from across the country and abroad. Similarly, Douala is hosting the 2nd edition of the International business and trade fair (FIAC) from November 1-12, with exhibitors coming from within and out of the country. And yet, the Yaounde Conference Centre is also playing host the Francophonie Ministers Conference which is bring together over 400 delegates from La Francophonie member countries. These three mentioned events are just a tip of the iceberg of the numerous such high level events that brings together hundreds of persons. As it stands, such gatherings provide perfect opportunities for other activities related to the organization of events to blossom. Come to think of it, delegates for conferences, exhibitors at trade fair, seminar and forum participants take up space in hotels for lodging, they board transport vehicles or hire cars during the period, they visit tourist sites and off course organisers hire venues for such manifestations. All of these, impacts various economic activities in one way or the other. A marketing expert, Jean Paul Tchomdou holds that small enterprises make about 30-50 per cent of their turnover during such events. Apart from the small enterprises and petty traders, restaurant operators making brisk business during such manifestations, the holding of fairs, forums, conferences, and exhibitions also renders the infrastructure in place profitable. Venues like Yaounde Conference Centre constructed over a land surface of over 20 hectares, Yaounde Multi-purpose Sports Complex, Limbe Botanic Garden, and Douala Omnisport Stadium etc...

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