Developing ICTs

China As Strategic Partner

C ameroon’s Information  and Communication  Technologies (ICT) is  striving to keep pace  with global evolutions of the  irresistible socio-economic  development  tool.  Given  that practice makes perfect,  Cameroon has been partnering  with countries and institutions  that have gone steps further in  the sector. China for instance,  has demonstrated her goodwill  to stand by Cameroon as that  strategic partner to bridge the  gap between theories in ICTs and  practice so that the country’s  budding talents could grow  and  conveniently  contribute  in advancing the course here.  In 2016, China’s telecoms giant,  Huawei, picked 10 best Cameroonian ICT students for training  at its headquarters in Shenzhen,  Guangdong Province of China.  The students from ICTs-related  higher institutions of learning in  the country were laureates of  Huawei Cameroon’s 2016 “Seed  for the Future Programme,” a  lead platform began in 2008 to  nurture professionals increasingly needed to drive the development of Information and  Communication Technologies  (ICT)  industry  in  beneficiary  countries.  Huawei sources say the mismatch  between talent supply and demand hinders social progress  and creates social problems.  Reason why the programme  offers opportunity for hands-on  training, witnessing and practising evolutions in ICT. The fact  that the training of participants  from one country almost always  coincides with that of other  countries (the ten Cameroonians were trained alongside ten  others each from South Africa  and  Sri  Lanka)  gives  them  a  rare opportunity for experience  sharing and networking for  mutual benefits. Trainees are  also given an opportunity to  meet fine experts during the  training through whom they can  be inspired to strive for excellence in their already begun or  would-be start-ups. Networking  that is created between the  trainees and Huawei thanks  to which the former receive  updates on ICTs evolutions is  equally a veritable job opening  for  youngsters  imbued  with  talents in ICT.  Huawei’s Vice President Li Dafeng  on June 6, 2017 reiterated his  company’s resolve to continue  partnering with Cameroon in  developing the country’s ICTs  when he met with President  Paul  Biya  at  Unity  Palace.  A  strategic  partner  indeed  for  developing ICT from the base  (planting optical fibre) to finishing  (aligning with latest technology therein)! Sources at Huawei  Cameroon say preparations are  intensifying in the country to  select ten other ICT developers  to travel to Shenzhen for the  same  “Seeds  for  the  Future  Programme” this year.

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