New Take-off Offensive

I n spite of running rumours  referring to turbulent moments  facing the Cameroon Airline  Company, CAMAIR-Co, the  new management team has  been consistent. The Ernest  Dikoume team put in place  on 22 August, 2016 came with  an innovation by announcing  local flights for a start before  envisaging sub-regional and  international market. Sceptics  who remained focused on the  crisis period within the company  saw nothing good in the initiative  to tackle the national market  first. The replacement of Mefiro  Oumarou, Minister Delegate  at the Ministry of Transport on  25 April, 2017; a few months  after his appointment by Louis  Georges Njifendi Kouotou as  Board Chair fuelled the rumours,  but failed to dampen the resolve  of management.  With 80 flights advertised to  cover some key towns in the  country like Douala, Yaounde,  Bafoussam, Ngaoundere, Garoua and Maroua, the company  officials already demonstrated  their ambitions by including Cotounou in Benin and N’Djamena  in Chad. In addition, the reintegration of their building instead  of the rents which swallowed  huge sums of scarce finances  in the company gave another  glimmer of hope to many.  While the towns that are  being earmarked for future  CAMAIR-Co flights impatiently  await their turn, there general spirit seem to be towards  ensuring that hurdles of the  past remain lost and gone. The  presence of Ernest Dikoume  in the North region recently  to talk to the population and  the media has been seen as  salutary by many who felt it  was more than time for such  public relations effort at a time  scepticism was gaining much  ground concerning the health  of the carrier.  Present in the General Manager’s  baggage was among others  new tariffs to entice members  of the public to have faith in  CAMIR-Co again. Making the  local flight regular and comfortable will certain attract and  convince those who are still  in doubts. Approvals given by  Boeing Company to the plan  to revamp CAMAIR-Co is undoubtedly another positive sign  that should galvanise those in  charge today to ensure that  the lone carrier, which has  rightly been qualified as the  “Star of Cameroon” to really  make the population proud  by  effectively  criss-crossing  the country more often and  conquering the international  market.  The existence in the country  of dozens of airlines from  competing countries clearly  means that the business can  bring about the much-needed  national pride is management  were to completely chase out  demons of the past and focus  on the survival of the company.

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