Yams: Quite Affordable

Since it’s the raining season, yams sold in the Buea markets are quite affordable. This is because during this period most supplies are farmers within villages in the Buea Sub division like Bokova, Bwassa, Bokwai, who harvest and sell to vendors in Buea and Douala. Compared to the dry season when yams are expensive because they are bought from Nigeria, Muyuka and Ekona. With yams now available in Muea, Great Soppo, Small Soppo and Buea Town markets prices vary due to the various sizes. For large sizes, vendors usually sell a heap from FCFA 10.000 to FCFA 5.500. Yams of medium sizes sell from FCFA 4.000 and FCFA 3.500 in the Buea Town market. That notwithstanding, there is no steady price as far as the commodity is concerned as prices could be bargained between buyers and sellers.

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