Unripe Bananas: Increase In Price

Due to its high demand in the administrative headquarters of the South West region Buea, the price for Bananas has also increased. Unripe bananas are bought by different customers for various reasons either for home consumption or for business purposes. In markets within Buea municipality vendors recounted to CBT that they get their produce from Small Soppo, Muea, Muyuka, Tole and Bova. Depending on the price at which a vendor buys from his or her suppliers, it would then determine the price at which he or she sells. At the Buea Town market, a huge bunch of banana sells at FCFA 4.500 to FCFA 6.000, a medium size bunch could be gotten at FCFA 2.000 or FCFA 2.500 while a small bunch could be sold even for FCFA 500. Bananas bought directly from suppliers who come from villages are cheaper than those bought in the markets.

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