Okongobong: Season Of Abundance

The vegetable has had a variation in prices in different markets across Buea since June 2021. From FCFA 2.000 and FCFA 1.500 for a bundle of okongobong in June, the same quantity now sells at FCFA 700 and below due to its abundance in the markets. This vegetable to many buyers is a delicacy in most homes. The drop in price to suppliers is because it’s the raining season. The weather is usually favourable for most vegetables and okongobong is among. Bundles of FCFA 100 and FCFA 200 have equally increased. ‘‘Even if we do not sell as expected before the end of the day we sell at giveaway prices because it is perishable, after the rains the prices will increase since the vegetable doesn’t grow well during the dry season,’’ Justine Chia a vendor at the Great Soppo market said.

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