Eustace Anye: Anti Malaria Expert

Preventing malaria with just a coat of paint is better than using billions for treatment.

The promoter of PESTCON Africa Plc, Cameroonian born Eustace Anye, who lived in Ghana for three years without mosquito bite while sleeping in an apartment painted with the anti-mosquito paint, returned to Cameroon to contribute his quota to development and to alleviate po- verty linked to malaria by obtaining a visa to distribute the product in Cameroon. To him, nothing gives him joy more than reaching out to fellow human beings. “It’s not all about money, it is also about passion because money without a peace of mind is of no use. I brought the solution to Cameroon because it is a business that gives one a greater pleasure since it comes to solve the problem that exist in every household,” he mentioned. The Chartered Management Accountant from the Charte- red Institute of Management Accountants, in the United Kingdom, with over 20-year experience in business admi- nistration, finance management and logistics, developed a humanitarian side when he worked as Claims Analyst in an insurance company in Cameroon. With such title, the Managing Director said, one meets distress clients like accident victims of all sorts. It made him to cultivate the spirit of fitting in another person’s shoe to know where it hurts. Thus, while he worked as Country Manager in an oil company in Ghana for three years, with little or no mosquito bite thanks to the insecticide paint, he returned to Cameroon with the mission to improve the living and health condition of fellow Cameroonians by curbing the proliferation of the malaria vector, the female anophe- les mosquito, which has become so widespread in the country and difficult to control with standard insecticides currently available in the market. Eustace Anye’s wish is for the anti-mosquito paint to be at the reach of all, reason why he pleads with the Ca- meroon government to make it possible through some sort of customs exoneration. On his part, he wants to move a step further like not just importing the finished products, but to setup a bottling plant in the nearest future. This way, the humanitarian said it will not only employ young Cameroonians, but will as well step down the cost of the product.

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