Sales: North West, West Regions Top Chart

The two regions control 33 per cent of sales each as far as the cement market is concerned.

Just two years of existence, CIMAF Cameroon has gained so much confidence from distributors due to the quality of their products and services. At the start of production, some 460,000 tonnes were produced during the first year and later increased the capacity to 500,000 tonnes per year. The products; CPJ 35, CEMII/B 32.5R and CEMII/A 42.5R packaged in 50 kg bags sell better in the North West and West Regions, controlling 33 per cent each of the cement market in both regions. Accor- ding to the General Manager of CIMAF Cameroon, Abdeladim Arnous, the people appreciate and have confidence on their products reason why their pro- ducts sell best in the regions. Though CIMAF controls 18 per cent of the cement market in Cameroon, and produces 500,000 tonnes per year, the General Manger, Abdeladim Arnous intimated that they want to triple production. “Since demand is high, we want to satisfy our customers by producing additional One million from the last quarter of 2018 thus raising the pro- duction capacity from 500,000 tonnes to 1.5 million tonnes,” he revealed. With the increase in production, CIMAF is sure to be the giant in the sector. The company that has spread its tentacles in 11 countries in Sub Saharan Africa will also increase the capacity of San Pedro by one million in 2017, Bobo Dioulasso by 700 tonnes while Bouaké will be added more 500 tonnes in 2018.

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