“Our Hotel Made Significant Dividends”

Mafany, Manager, King David Square Hotel, Muea-Buea.

What can you say was your fallout following the Female AFCON hosted in Yaounde and Limbe last November ? Yes, you know Buea is just some 20 kilometres from Limbe where the matches were taking place. Many visitors came to our hotel here in Muea-Buea. They did not only lodge here but they also ate in our restaurant. The climate of Buea was very suitable for those who came from temperate zones. We are happy that the Ministry of Tourism also used the oc- casion to organise seminars from which we learnt much in terms of the quality of reception. What can you say was your occupancy rate at that time and there after ? cannot say with exactitude. But we realised more income during that period and we knew that business was on the rise. My books are far from me here and if I go into my books I can give you exact figures. One thing was sure during that period that our workers were working round the clock. We were very highly solicited. Our hotel and restaurant made significant dividends. If we have 50 rooms, more than 40 were always occupied. What lasting prospects do you draw from that period of boom ? I think that the training that we received will remain indelible to us. We learnt many things from recep- tion of guests to cooking and dealing with delicate customers. The one thing that also makes us happy is that many of our customers are still writing us by phone- sms to greet us and promise their coming again. Here in Muea there is a lot of food and so our restaurant is far cheaper than elsewhere. We are also very concerned with cleanliness and politeness with visitors.  

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