LC-doc.com: The Centre For Legal Texts

The digital portal with some 40,000 legal documents since 1950 makes research easier for both professionals and non-professionals.

Getting some important legal documents for research purpose is not always evident especially when it dates decades back. These documents including, decrees by the Head of State published in the Official Gazette, and other official documents like circulars, ordinances, agreements, and decisions signed by other government officials, are always needed for research but difficult to lay hands on. On hand to provide a solution is LC-Doc; a digital portal that has documented some 40,000 files in all domain since 1950. Driven by passion to safeguard high profile documents once made public, the founder of lc-doc. com, Kengne Simplice Ledoux, disclosed that they exist since 2007 satisfying both professionals and non-professionals with hard copy before going digital in 2016. Their going digital did not only give them credibility but increased their client base as people can consult the website after registering and paying some charges. Metamorphosing from paperwork to paperless wasn’t easy as they had to do a lot of treatment before lodging the texts on the website. “We had to retype some for visibility purpose, transformed others to PDF version and scan some to render them easier and better to exploit,” he said. The well-known group of legal literature researchers, offers quality legal works with price range depending on the number of files to be exploited. Though no...

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