“Profitability Depends On Exchange Rate”

Badida Jules, Cameroonian Eru trader, Idenau.

“Business between Came- roon and Nigeria through Idenau is dominated by Nigerian products. We have poor export to Nige- ria because we don’t have manufactured goods. On the other hand, Nigeria inundates our market. What I take to Nigeria is mostly snails (kongo Meat), eru and rice. These are the most popular items Cameroonians sell to Nigerians through Ide- nau. Profitability to us traders depends on the exchange rate in the market. For now, things are fine for us because the Nigerian Naira is high in exchange with FCFA. We prefer to buy from Nigeria and sell in Cameroon due to the high exchange rate. The only difficulty we have here at the Idenau Port is that there are many controls which at times we don’t even know who is who.”

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