“Trade Is Booming Through Idenau Port”

Mbikou Chantal, Cameroonian fish trader, Idenau.

“I go to Nigeria at the towns of Oron and Ibaka to buy fresh fish which I trade back in Douala, Cameroon. I trade in all types of fish and take along only my ice to preserve the fish. People at times make special command on some specific fishes for me to get from Nigeria and I supply them. I don’t carry any other goods from Cameroon to Nigeria for trading. Fish is my only line of business which I do. Trade through the Idenau Port is booming and the only difficulty we have is the financial exchange rate between Naira and FCFA which fluctuates. When the exchange rate is high, we benefit more. For example, when exchange rate is 700 Naira for 100 FCFA, we be- nefit more. But when it drops to 600 Naira and even below, things get tough for us.”

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