South West: Pineapple Production To Hit 8, 260 Tons Annually

The upward trend of the fruit is taking roots in Meme Division thanks to the donation of tractors by

The Kumba-based Agropole-sponsored pineapple project by Mukete Estates has to push Cameroon’s production from 1.200 tons to a national target production of 8.260 tons of fruits yearly thanks to new tractors offered by the AGROPOLE Project. The call was made by Adrian Ngo’o Bitomo, National Coor- dinator of the AGROPOLE Project, as he handed over three new 75-horsepower tractors to Mukete Estates to expand their farms and multiply yields of pineapple fruits. The donation, handed over in Kumba recently, by Ngo’o Bitomo, is worth about CFA 45 million. The Natio- nal Coordinator promised a special training for drivers of the new tractors any time soonest. After the tractor-donation, AGROPOLE intends to move ahead in its next gesture to assist the Mukete Estates to construct a factory for pineapple juice production in Kumba, headquarters of Meme Division in the South West Region. The National Coordinator used the occa- sion to call on farmers of other sectors to organise themselves for assistance by AGROPOLE in such areas of production as cocoa, cassava, sweet potato, oil palm and many other crops. The pro- gramme which paves the way for the second generation agriculture in Cameroon was started in 2012 to sustain agriculture, livestock and forestry production.

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