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A t the mention of the name Nfor Tabetan- do many Cameroo- nians quickly think of different issues depending on what he means to them; traditional ruler, lawyer, po- litician, business magnet or a philanthropist. Nfor Tabetando Ndieb- Nso wears so many caps thus making him a household name in the country. Despite his several commitments, the soft-spoken, discreet gentle- man is focused as Chairman of EurOil Limited, oil and gas exploration and Exploitation Company he created in 1996 in Douala with his Canadian and British partners. After obtaining his LLM (Mas- ters Degree in Law) in London, United Kingdom, the young Tabetando returned home and set up a law firm in the nation’s economic capital, Douala in 1975. The young lawyer at the time opted to be a corporate lawyer and had many interna- tional firms as clients. «With an entrepreneurial mind, a young lawyer decided that the legal field as he knew it back in the late 1980s was not necessarily the only business option for him. He foresaw the constraints that could be encountered by an undiversified business portfolio. As luck will have it, and after venturing with limited success within the construction, transportation and apparel industries, he had dealt with a British friend and partner, who was interested in the oil and gas sector in Cameroon,» his son Prince Mbi Tabetando who is now Managing Director of EurOil narrates. «After many trials and tribulations along the way, and a few iterations of «Eu- rOil,» the EurOil of today was essentially born and the first Production Sharing Contract (Etinde) between the State of Cameroon and EurOil was signed in 2008. Prior to that, it existed as the Etinde concession. It is worthy to note that, EurOil’s holding company, Bowleven, in the United Kingdom was not only conceived and formed after the creation of EurOil, but occurred out of the neces- sity to create an entity to raise funds in the Western financial markets, to meet the financial obligations of this very risky

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