Intra-African Remittances: Cameroon First In 2018 With FCFA 1,258.4 Billion

In its financial report which contains data on Africa’s place in the global financial flows in 2018 by the Ecobank group, report shows intra-African remittances represent 20 per cent of FCFA 7,491.9 billion of global financial flows in the period under review. The ranking achieved in this report establishes that Cameroon with FCFA 1,258.4 billion is the first African country sending money to other African countries. Cameroon is ahead of Ivory Coast, FCFA 971.6 billion, South Africa, FCFA 620.4 billion, Ghana FCFA 585.3 billion and Nigeria FCFA 526.7 billion. In contrast Cameroon does not appear in the ranking of African countries receiving transfers of funds from abroad.

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