Finance: Cameroon, 3rd Leader In CEMAC Public Securities Market

According to data published by the bank of Central African States, the primary compartment of the public securities market issued by auction in the CEMAC was dynamic last year. The volume of issues increased significantly to FCFA 1,648.8 billion in 2018 against FCFA 878.7 billion in 2017, an increase of appropriately 87.6 per cent. In total, 156 tenders were issued for issues on the market of public securities by auction including FCFA 1,538.1 billion in bonds issued by the government. With a volume of emissions of FCFA 629 billion, Gabon was the largest market leader in government securities of CEMAC in 2018, followed by Chad with FCFA 416.6 billion. Cameroon comes third with FCFA 287 billion, followed by Equatorial Guinea FCFA 114 billion and the Central African Republic FCFA 19 billion.

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