“More Nationals Filling Stations Should Be Opened”

Heddwin Limunga, Manager of a filling Station, Buea.

«To conquer the  market of petroleum  products distribution by nationals  from multinationals,  more nationals filling  stations should go  operational all over  the country. In addition to the petroleum  products distribution  dominated by multinationals, illicit fuel  sold by the road side  is not helping matters at all for the nationals who are  engaged in petroleum products distribution in Cameroon. Those at the road side sell at almost half the price  of what we give at the pump. As a result, our sales have  dropped considerably. Things even get worse when the  National Oil Refining Company (SONARA) is on a break  in order to do maintenance on their equipment. The nationals need a lot of finances to get more stations opened. If the nationals can have the money through bank  loans, they can easily expand. If they happened not to  have then it will be a welcome relief if the government  provides them with subsidies”.

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