“Subsidies Should Be Given To Nationals”

Dauda Usman, Manager of a filling station in Limbe.

“I think there are  many ways we can  encourage Cameroonians involved in  the distribution of  petroleum products  in the country.  First, Cameroonians  should be encouraged to buy from  nationals who are  engaged in the  distribution of petroleum products.  When many people buy from us, we are going to  make quick turn over. This will also go a long way to  boost our profit which might be used to plough back  in the business by opening more stations in many  other urban parts of the country and even extend to  the hinterlands. Secondly, the government should  give subsidies to encourage nationals in the sector.  The subsidies can be in the form of tax reduction or  any other incentive to will help nationals flourish in  the business and thus expand their distribution chain.  If that is done, we shall be able to have more capital  to handle the distribution of petroleum products in  Cameroon across the national territory.”

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